Michael Reiley

Composer and musician creating sonic worlds in the traditions of sound therapy, sacred music, and Deep Listening®

Michael Reiley is a composer and musician exploring the nexus of inner and outer soundscapes as a mode of transpersonal connection and oneness. Through this exploration spectrums of listening consciousness are illuminated including music for sleep, dreaming, meditation, therapy, movement, and liminal states of attention/awareness.

A Sonic Offering

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Some recent quotes

“You are quite gifted at creating sonic textures which help to lull one's interior life towards a spirit of nuance and quiet, Michael. 🙏”

Nicholas CroftPatron

“Michael's music is like having an inner portable shrine wherever you go.”

Wild AnimaAvant Pop Artist

“Michael brings out the best in ‘meditative’ music to a more transient and accessible level. Creating a sublime experience for the listener quite often mistaken and misunderstood by. Here the the essence of the music is reinterpreted A ‘gateway’ to a ephemeral place and beyond.”

Christopher EllisSupporter

Recent Albums

The Dream Cycles

An eight and half hour soundtrack to the liminal space between waking, sleeping, and dreaming

Radiant Gradient

Seven of the core frequencies in the ancient Solfeggio tuning system for healing and wellness


An album of gently unfolding minimal waves of sounds created with hand pan and effects. Designed for yoga and meditation.


Sound Therapy

Sleep Music


Sacred Ear

coming soon…

Current Projects

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